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Mary Mary Says New Season of Reality Show Is About 'Evolving'


(NEW YORK) -- Season four of Mary Mary's hit self-titled WeTV reality show won't be like the last. Last year, the gospel duo took a break from creating music together, split from their longtime manager, and endured the death of their father. As if that wasn't enough, Tina Campbell revealed that her husband, American Idol drummer Teddy Campbell, was unfaithful to her. So why did the ladies keep cameras rolling?

"We had to come back because we believed that [if] we allowed to show the bad then you have to see the good," Erica Campbell tells ABC Radio. "I was like, 'Tina we have to do a season four because God has to show how he fixes things because he can fix things.' And if we would've just left it with season three you would've been left with all that devastation. We would not let that be the last thing that you remember."

Tina says that since learning of her husband's transgressions, the two have come a long way. Teddy re-proposes to Tina and the two renew their vows this season. "I'm appreciative for love again," she explains.  "It's kind of just like a testament of wow, real love can really make it through something. To look back at it now, we're evolving. We're growing," she explains.

The ordeal has also helped Tina's career: she's decided to go solo with an album called It's Personal. If you recall last season, Erica went solo with her Grammy Award-winning album, Help, much to Tina's dismay. Tina explains why she decided to go solo after giving her sister a hard time.

"After dealing with the devastation of my marriage...[I had] to heal through that. While I'm trying to heal, the things that I'm using to heal I did not know that that was what I was going to be giving to the world," she explains. "It was just for me, it was for God, it was to encourage myself, it was to remind myself, it was to reflect and kind of keep moving forward."

Tina previewed one song on the album, which comes out in May. "Like this one song, it goes, 'This body is the temple of the Lord. This body is the temple of the Lord...' and it's like this chant," she describes. "I wrote a song telling myself that because I was using my hands for violence, I was using my mouth to kill people with it. My thoughts and everything were evil, violent, homicidal, suicidal."

Tina says she wrote so many songs and words of encouragement during her healing process that she's even coming out with a book, titled I Need a Day to Pray.

Whether the sisters come together to produce another Mary Mary album, Erica and Tina say you have to tune into their show. They also detailed what you can expect this season, such as "seeing what forgiveness looks like," Tina says, before adding, "trying to figure out what to do with the group."

Watch it all when Mary Mary returns Thursday at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

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Neil Patrick Harris Doesn't Think He'll Host Oscars Again

ABC/Craig Sjodin(LOS ANGELES) -- Neil Patrick Harris had some big shoes to fill as host of the 87th Oscars following Ellen Degeneres.

The reception of Harris was split, some liking what the How I Met Your Mother star had to bring to the table -- magic, dancing, sarcastic jokes -- while others were not so welcoming.

Harris, 41, told the Huffington Post in a recent interview that he doesn't think he'll come back and host again.

"I don’t know that my family nor my soul could take it," he said. "It’s a beast. It was fun to check off the list, but for the amount of time spent and the understandable opinionated response, I don’t know that it's a delightful balance to do every year or even again."

Harris admitted that he didn't follow the online responses to his hosting duties last month "obsessively," but that "it was interesting to see just what people thought landed and didn’t. It’s so difficult for one who’s simply watching the show to realize just how much time and concession and compromise and explanation has gone into almost every single thing. Every joke. Wording of joke. Placement of joke. Canceling of joke. Embellishment for just one line."

He added, "And I'm not saying that to defend everything I said as if it was the absolute best choice, but it’s also an award show, and you’re powering through 14 acts filled with 20 plus awards. So my job was to try and keep things as light and specific to this year’s set of films as possible. And if people are critical of that, it’s a big giant platform, so I would assume that they would be."

Harris said he thought those in attendance were "enjoying themselves more as the show went on," which is a surprise and testimate to his unique brand of comedy.

"I was told that as the room fills, with you know it's four-fifths of the room didn’t win, and you get further into the award giving they get less enthusiastic and less excited. And I felt while we were doing it that people were enjoying themselves more and more, so for that I’m happy," he added.

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Bobbi Kristina Brown Turned 22 Wednesday

Lifetime(NEW YORK) -- Bobbi Kristina Brown turned 22 on Wednesday.

The daughter and only child of Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston has remained in a medically-induced coma at a hospital in Georgia since she was found face-down in a bathtub in late January.

In a message posted Wednesday on, Patricia Houston, the late singer's sister-in-law and the president of The Whitney Houston Estate, writes, “Today is Bobbi Kristina's 22nd birthday and we ask you to continue to keep her in your prayers as she is still fighting the battle of her life.”

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Who Told Patricia Arquette to Straighten Her Teeth?

ABC/Rick Rowell(NEW YORK) — Oscar winner Patricia Arquette says she was voted "best looking" in ninth grade, but one male classmate shocked her when he suggested that she straighten her teeth so she could pose for Playboy.

"I said, 'Why would I want to be in Playboy?'" Arquette recalled in an interview with People magazine. "I just didn't want to look perfect. I didn't want to have to change myself to be attractive. I didn't think that was my responsibility."

Arquette admitted it wasn't just her classmates who made the suggestion. Her parents even told her to straighten her teeth. The actress said she refused because "it didn't feel like it would fit who I was inside."

The Boyhood star added that she's continually frustrated in Hollywood because actresses are always asked about their appearance on the big screen, especially when it comes to aging.

"I've had so many of these conversations in my life...what I look like on film, what I don't look like on film. What are we supposed to look like? Men are not having these conversations," Arquette explained.

"It's like we're trapped in wet wool or something. I just want to be free of it so we can move to the next level as equals. Not that I don't love being a woman, not that I don't love the differences between men and women," she clarified. "I just mean, as an actor -- why is this a conversation? Why is aging a conversation? It's a one-sided conversation because it's only ever had by women."

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“Captain America” Sequel Leads Nominees for Saturn Awards

Buena Vista(LOS ANGELES) — Captain America: The Winter Soldier leads the nominees for this year's Saturn Awards, honoring the best in the sci-fi, fantasy and horror entertainment genres.

The second Captain America installment earned 11 nominations, one more than Interstellar and two more than Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Walking Dead is tops among TV shows with seven nominations.

The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films will stage its 41st Annual Saturn Awards on June 25.

A complete list of nominees is available on

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Website Reveals the Most Popular Locations of ‘Daily Doubles’ on a “Jeopardy!” Board

"Jeopardy!"(NEW YORK) — If you're ever a contestant on Jeopardy! make sure to concentrate on the high-value squares -- not just because you could win more money that way, but also because you have a better chance of landing a "Daily Double."

The website Flowing Data, using information from the 30-plus-year history of the show's current version collected by J! Archive, determined how likely it is to score a "Daily Double" on each square on the Jeopardy! board. Your best shot: the fourth box down in the first column. A "Daily Double" was there eight percent of the time.

About 38 percent of "Daily Doubles" were in that row.

Last year, Jeopardy! champ Arthur Chu annoyed many viewers by targeting high-value squares and trying to monopolize the "Daily Double" boxes.

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Conan O'Brien Sings, Learns Spanish, Visits Cigar Factory During Cuba-Themed “Conan”

TBS(LOS ANGELES) -- Conan O'Brien's trip to Cuba last month aired Wednesday night on TBS as a special episode of his late-night show, Conan.

O'Brien participated in a series of adventures in the island country designed mainly to poke fun at himself. For example, he learned salsa music from a local musician, and at one point he sang Spanish gibberish as a band played behind him. A sample lyric: "Hamburger milk/Go away chair."  

Later, he attempted to brush up on his Spanish by receiving lessons. He asked his teacher how to say "I am America's biggest star" in Spanish, followed by "Don't check on that."

During the one-hour episode, O'Brien also learned to dance like a Cuban, and visited a cigar factory and the Havana Club Museum of Rum.

O'Brien's trip to Cuba follows President Obama announcing in December that the U.S. would begin to normalize relations with the country.

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"American Crime" Creator Says His Show Reflects How ‘We’re Living in a Different Country’

ABC/Felicia Graham(NEW YORK) — With diversity such a hot topic in Hollywood at the moment, ABC is premiering a new drama Thursday night that its creator says "really reflects the way we are in America right now."

Oscar-winning 12 Years a Slave writer John Ridley is behind American Crime, starring Felicity Huffman and Timothy Hutton. It tells the story of a home invasion murder and the aftermath, from different perspectives.

Ridley says his project explores various races and faiths, but it's "not just about giving a nod to diversity." He tells ABC Radio, "We're living in a different country and the entertainment, the stories we tell, they have to reflect that."

Ridley says the fact that his show will air on network TV, rather than on premium cable or on a streaming service, didn't restrict him. Rather, it presented a fun challenge for him.

He notes, "If you have to rely on nudity or gratuitous language, if that's all one has in their storytelling, I think you're kind of limiting yourself. And there are places where we had to be more creative, and it was kind of fun to rise to the occasion."

American Crime debuts at 10 p.m. Eastern time on ABC.

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Report: "The Bachelor's" Chris Soules Will Compete on "Dancing with the Stars"

ABC/Craig Sjodin(LOS ANGELES) — ABC's current "Bachelor," Chris Soules, won't be off TV for very long once his show wraps up on Monday.

E! News reports Soules will compete on the spring season of Dancing with the Stars. When the cast was announced last week, ABC said a mystery contestant would be revealed at a later date.

Soules would join the likes of Suzanne Somers, Rumer Willis and Patti LaBelle in the ballroom. The 20th season of Dancing with the Stars begins March 16.

On Monday's season finale of The Bachelor, Soules will make a decision on his two remaining bachelorettes, Whitney and Becca.

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“Avengers: Age of Ultron”: 7 Spoilers and Hidden Eggs From New Trailer

Marvel Entertainment(NEW YORK) -- The Marvel gods blessed the world on Wednesday with a new Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer and they did not disappoint.

The new footage is epic and there are a TON of hidden gems if you watch over and over and over -- like we did.

Here are the top 7:

1 - Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are Bad!

We had a hunch but it's confirmed that both heroes are bad in this movie -- at least at the beginning. In the clip, you see Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen on Ultron's side and even fighting Captain America and Black Widow. In one scene, the Witch even compels and possibly controls Scarlett Johansson's character. You also see Quicksilver punch Cap.

But don't worry, in an overhead shot at the end of the trailer, you see the Avengers fighting Ultron's forces. And guess what -- you can see Scarlet Witch and her red blasts of energy, so it seems like she has a change of heart. But where's Quicksilver? Maybe he needs more convincing.

2 - Black Widow and the Hulk Get Close

Later in the clip, we see Mark Ruffalo and Johansson cuddle up and are about to kiss. Nice!

3 - Ultron Wants to Kill All Humans and Iron Man Created Him

"There's only one path to peace, their extinction," Ultron says in the trailer. We also see Tony Stark take responsibility for creating Ultron.

"I tried to create a suit of armor around the world," he says. "But I created something terrible." Stark created Artificial Intelligence, Bruce Banner notes.

4 - Mystery Guys With Claws?

Around the 1:06 part of the clip, we see a shadowy figure extending what appear to be claws. It's not Wolverine, because the rights to that character lie with 20th Century Fox. Black Panther baddie Ulysses Klaw? Possibly, as that character, played by Andy Serkis in the movie, was glimpsed in an eariler trailer. 

5 - Iron Man Has Loki's Scepter

We see him grab it in what looks to be out of desperation. Why? Is he going to use that evil weapon against Ultron? Against the Hulk, who we knows go a bit rogue in this film. What? Tell us!!!

6 - Does Someone Die?

"No way we all get through this," Iron Man says.

"I got no plans tomorrow night," Captain America replies.

Wait, what!?

7 - The Vision!

We finally see an image of Jarvis aka the Vision aka Paul Bettany at the very end. He opens his eyes, presumably after being created.

Avengers: Age of Ultron is out May 1.

ABC News is owned by The Walt Disney Co., which also owns Marvel.

Watch the full trailer below:

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Seth Rogen Objects to Pot Stench Story, Says His Weed Smells Good

Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Seth Rogen has made it very clear: his pot smells good.

That's what he told his followers on social media Wednesday, after The Hollywood Reporter published a story that annoyed him.

It cited anonymous sources who claimed former Sony Pictures Co-Chairman Amy Pascal is unable to move into an office/suite previously used by Rogen and his collaborator, Evan Goldberg, in her new role as producer because "the stench of marijuana cannot be easily removed."

The publication added that the suite will be repainted in an attempt to eliminate the smell.

Rogen, who isn't shy about his marijuana use, posted a screenshot of the article on Instagram, and wrote, "I don't know what's more irresponsible: that they would print a story that is completely untrue, or that they would refer to how pot smells as a 'stench.'"

The Interview star included a hashtag that stated his weed smells good.

Pascal stepped down as co-chair of Sony Pictures last month. The decision followed the hacking scandal involving the studio in which a private and unflattering email exchange involving her, targeting celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Kevin Hart and Adam Sandler, leaked.

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Shania Twain Announces Farewell Tour

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images via ABC(NEW YORK) -- After spending the last couple of years doing a residency in Las Vegas, Shania Twain is taking her act on the road.  The Grammy-winning singer is launching her first tour in 11 years -- and she says it'll be her final one.

The Rock This Country tour -- named after a track on Shania's 1997 album, Come On Over -- kicks off in Seattle on June 5 and will visit 50 cities throughout the U.S. and Canada, wrapping up in August. 

When it's over, there'll be no more touring, but Shania isn't retiring. She also doesn't plan for the tour to serve as a tearful farewell to her fans: quite the opposite, in fact.

In a statement, Shania says, "This is a celebration tour. It's party time. It's a celebration that after all these years, I can still do it! The Rock This Country Tour will have a different spirit than my past tours."

She adds, "It's the momentum of confidence. The Vegas show was so intense and nerve-wracking because of not being onstage for all those years. So now that I got that out of my system, this tour is all about having fun, letting go and enjoying the new-found attitude." 

To that point, Shania promises a more upbeat show than her Vegas extravaganza. 

"There's a lot more punch. It's dynamic and reflects the rockier edge of things, because I have so many electric guitars in my music," she explains. "I'm looking forward to rocking out."

The tour will visit  Boston, Miami, Atlanta, New York City, Nashville and Washington, D.C., among other dates, as well as Shania's native Canada.  She promises fans "a Shania they've never seen before," adding, "A lot of years have gone by and I've got a lot more to share. It's all about looking back together. It's that unified community spirit of 'I remember where I was when I first heard that song.'"

Shania's opening acts include Wes Mack from June 5 through June 28, and then Gavin DeGraw from June 30 through August 23.

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Cate Blanchett Reveals How She Viewed the “Cinderella” Role

Disney(NEW YORK) -- Cate Blanchett plays the wicked stepmother in the reboot of the film Cinderella, but when the two-time Academy Award winner was initially approached about the role, she had her doubts.

"When I was approached to be in this, I said, 'It wasn't a fairy tale that I actually gravitated towards,'" she admitted on Wednesday's Good Morning America. "Because I found the central female character really passive."

But Disney says this rendition of Cinderella isn't that. In this live-action retelling of the 1950 Disney animated classic, Cinderella is loving and kind, but also smart and in control of her own destiny.

Once she was on board, Blanchett enjoyed playing the villain, describing it as "fantastic." 

"We get socialized out of all these mean, cruel things so you kind of have this vicarious experience through the villain," Blanchett says.

Cinderella, starring Downton Abbey's Lily James in the title role and Game of Thrones' Richard Madden as the prince, opens in theaters March 13.

Disney is the parent company of ABC News.

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MTV Movie Awards 2015: Complete List of Nominations

Buena Vista(NEW YORK) -- The Oscars have come and gone, and now stars can turn their attention to the next big awards show: The MTV Movie Awards.

On Wednesday morning, the network announced the complete list of nominees for the April 12 show, which will be hosted by comedian Amy Schumer.

Guardians of the Galaxy, The Fault in Our Stars, and Neighbors took in the biggest haul, with seven nominations apiece, while 22 Jump Street and Whiplash came up just behind with five. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 and Gone Girl were nominated for four awards.

Fans will ultimately have a big influence over who ultimately wins, by voting for their favorites at Voting for "Movie of the Year" will continue throughout the broadcast of the show.

Below, find the complete list of nominations:


American Sniper
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1
Guardians of the Galaxy
Gone Girl
The Fault in Our Stars


Jennifer Lawrence – The Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part 1
Emma Stone – Birdman: Or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)
Shailene WoodleyThe Fault in Our Stars
Reese Witherspoon – Wild
Scarlett Johansson – Lucy


Bradley Cooper – American Sniper
Chris Pratt – Guardians of the Galaxy
Ansel ElgortThe Fault in Our Stars
Miles Teller – Whiplash
Channing Tatum – Foxcatcher


Rosamund Pike – Gone Girl
Annabelle Wallis – Annabelle
Jennifer Lopez – The Boy Next Door
Dylan O’Brien – The Maze Runner
Zach Gilford – The Purge: Anarchy


Ansel ElgortThe Fault in Our Stars
Rosamund Pike- Gone Girl
David OyelowoSelma
Dylan O’Brien – The Maze Runner
Ellar ColtraneBoyhood


Zac EfronNeighbors
Chris Pratt – Guardians of the Galaxy
Channing Tatum – Foxcatcher
Ansel Elgort – The Fault in Our Stars
Kate Upton – The Other Woman


Channing Tatum & Jonah Hill – 22 Jump Street
Zac Efron & Dave FrancoNeighbors
Shailene Woodley & Ansel ElgortThe Fault in Our Stars
Bradley Cooper & Vin Diesel Guardians of the Galaxy
James Franco & Seth RogenThe Interview


Jonah Hill vs. Jillian Bell – 22 Jump Street
Chris Evans vs. Sebastian Stan – Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Dylan O’Brien vs. Will PoulterThe Maze Runner
Seth Rogen vs. Zac EfronNeighbors
Edward Norton vs. Michael Keaton – Birdman: Or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)


Ansel Elgort & Shailene WoodleyThe Fault in Our Stars
James Franco & Seth Rogen The Interview
Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone – The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Scarlett Johansson & Chris Evans – Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Rose Byrne & Halston Sage – Neighbors


Seth Rogen & Rose Byrne – Neighbors
Jonah Hill – 22 Jump Street
Jason Sudeikis & Charlie Day – Horrible Bosses 2
Miles Teller – Whiplash
Rosario Dawson & Anders Holm – Top Five


Rosamund Pike – Gone Girl
J.K. Simmons – Whiplash
Jillian Bell – 22 Jump Street
Meryl Streep – Into the Woods
Peter DinklageX-Men: Days of Future Past


Jennifer Lawrence – The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1
Chris Pratt – Guardians of the Galaxy
Seth Rogen & Zac EfronNeighbors
Bill Hader & Kristen Wiig The Skeleton Twins
Miles Teller – Whiplash


Channing Tatum – 22 Jump Street
Chris Pratt – Guardians of the Galaxy
Rose Byrne – Neighbors
Chris Rock – Top Five
Kevin Hart – The Wedding Ringer


Eddie RedmayneThe Theory of Everything
Elizabeth Banks – The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1
Zoe Saldana – Guardians of the Galaxy
Steve Carell Foxcatcher
Ellar Coltrane – Boyhood

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Hilary Duff Speaks Out About Filing for Divorce

Michael Tran/FilmMagic(LOS ANGELES) -- It took over a year after announcing their split, but earlier this week Hilary Duff finally filed for divorce from her husband, former NHL player Mike Comrie. The actress opens up in the April issue of Cosmopolitan, explaining why the marriage fell apart.

"Mike and I were very in love when we met. We both really wanted to get married. I'd been working since the age of 11 or 12, so making that choice at a young age seemed right for me," she explained.

Duff added, "Maybe it wasn't, but we spent the majority of our time together really happy. It wasn't working well enough to stay together, but there was still a lot of love involved. It was just a slow set-in of us not being the match that we used to be. I'm lucky for the person he is and I am and how we decided to handle this."

Duff reveals that her split made her reevaluate marriage altogether.

"I don't want to sound bitter because I'm definitely not, but I don't know if people are meant to be together forever. Things happen over a long relationship that you can't always fight," Duff admits. "A marriage of 20 years, the accomplishment of that must feel really great, but there are also huge sacrifices."

"I just always want to fight for happiness," she added.

Duff and Comrie, who wed in 2010, have a 2-year-old son, Luca.

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